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A recent anti-terrorism law in Pakistan has banned the publication of blasphemous materials and has required that the last prophet of Islam be designated. This law is meant to protect Shia Muslims in particular, and a cleric on the Schedule 4 list has been convicted for inciting sectarian tensions. The bill also bans the production of films and TV shows featuring militants and their associates.

The Punjab Provincial Assembly speaker, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, a member of the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid party, recently denounced the Ahmadis and their efforts to undermine the status of Mohammed as the final prophet of Islam. This resulted in the Punjab government adopting three anti-Ahmadi measures in March. The government now has the authority to censor any materials considered offensive and can inspect publishing houses for prohibited Ahmadi literature.

Oswald Bruno Nazareth is an ex-national assembly member and a writer of 35 law books. He also runs twins magazines. Shazia Hidayat is a track and field athlete and was the only female member of Pakistan’s team in the 2000 Olympics. John Permal is a former fastest man in Pakistan and has written three books. Yousaf Youhana is a Christian who has converted to Islam.

In October, three Ahmadis were arrested by the Punjab government for desecration of the Prophet Mohammed’s grave. These men face imprisonment and a fine of up to $3100 for desecration of the shrine. However, the authorities have refused to arrest Ahmadi companions and have been investigating their claims. Despite the harsh punishment, these individuals have remained silent, and continue to hold religious freedom conferences in major cities.

The Islamabad High Court ordered the Muslim community to publish a judgment on its website that requires its members to submit an affidavit of faith to obtain a permit. However, the judgment also directed the government to amend its laws to protect Ahmadis. Currently, Ahmadis are not allowed to use the words “Islamic” when they are speaking in public.

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